Petrus Kriel
Cellphone Number
(082) 782-8605
Email Address
Date of Birth
What is your Hometown?
What is your Car Number?
How did you get started?
Micro Midgets
What year did you start racing?
Who are your Sponsors?
Duppies Towing
What is your most memorable moment as a driver?
My first win.
What is your most favourite track to watch a race at?
Vereeniging (Ultimate Raceway)
What is your most favourite track to race at?
The Rock Raceway
As a FAN, what is your most favourite racing divisions?
National Hotrod Tour
What kind of track do you like to run on?
Ground Track
Favourite Race Track Food?
A driver that meant the most to you?
Jody Viana
What are to date, your biggest accomplishment as a driver?
2nd Club Championship 2015/2019
What do you want to tell the supporters?
Thank you for your support.